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Childhood joys returned

on October 14, 2012

My daughter (S. Age 4) got a ton of wonderful things for her birthday, but one caused me excitement beyond excitement:

Some kind soul bought my eldest minion (and by extraction me) one of the most wondrous toys of my childhood: the Lite Brite!

I pretended indifference as we got the box out, but I could hardly wait to see all that Litey goodness. She didn’t pick my favorite picture (my Jedi mind trick apparently failed miserably), but I still had a blast working with her to sort the pegs and find the letters.

The best part though is when you can finally turn off the lights and see the picture in the dark. I am a sucker for colored lights…they remind me of Christmas trees and magic and hope.

Yes, I am 40 years old … But for an hour or so I sure didn’t feel like one!



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