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My son the superhero

My little boy T. – Age 2 is a super hero. He has the cape and attitude to prove it – but it goes beyond that!

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Butterfly release

My daughter, S – Age 4.5 and I have been doing a caterpillar-to-butterfly project over the last few weeks. Honestly, I don’t know which of us was more excited…

I could not stop watching these little ones like an expectant mama. I never did anything like this as a child!

The caterpillars arrived in two tiny self-sustaining cups where they remained until they were all cocoons. We transferred ten delicate cocoons into our butterfly aviary.

In about a week? Tiny miracles began to emerge.

Today we finally released them. It was wonderful to see the awe and kindness of a child watching a butterfly cling carefully to her finger!






Is it just me? Cartoons are getting weirder


Is it just that it is too early on a Sunday morning, or are cartoons becoming increasing more odd?

And why does my 2 years old seem so fascinated?

They have no feet and the heads pop off…and a man thing just opened up and popped a pizza directly into his midsection – and if I am not entirely mistaken I think I just heard Betty White’s voice coming out of what I can only suppose is a Grandma?

I need coffee…

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Letting them fall

I don’t want to mislead: my goal in this world is to help my kids grow, be confident and succeed. I want them to reach for the stars, be amazed at who they can be, and laugh in the face of fear.

But the stars are awfully high up there and it is scary as hell watching them climb knowing they could fall…

and that it is a certainty that sometimes they will.

I won’t say my parents encouraged me to climb; I was half monkey and they could not keep me out of the tops of trees or off of the roof or stop me from endangering myself in a 1000 different ways. At that point in my life I could climb higher than they could reach, and I felt powerful and cunning and brave.

Actually I wish I could channel those feelings sometimes these days. It is different being on the other side of that equation: watching your little ones challenge themselves and problem solve and climb bars over your head and beyond your reach.

But I would not take this away from her for the world.

I will be there to catch. I will be there to comfort. I will be there to cheer and pray and hope and teach what I can where I can.

But the mountain is ultimately theirs and there are places I cannot follow.

Instead I will carry vast amounts of Tums, medical cards and my iPhone to capture it all. I am a terrified but immensely proud mommy and will cover my gray and hide my terror as best I can.

And she did NOT fall today – she OWNED those monkey bars!


Dragon Family


My daughter, S. Age 4.5 drew this for me tonight. She told me the big dragon, the daddy was upset that he couldn’t fly, but the others could and that the baby was very happy flying and playing games, and that the daddy should be happy because he is so big and colorful.

I just thought the picture was awesome, and as usual, overwhelmed with pride and amazement that somehow I have been lucky enough to have such a colorful little one in my life making me smile.


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