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The Dark Side

Many 4 year olds girls are princess-crazy, pink and purple covered, rhinestone-bedecked floozies.  If it doesn’t have a wand or a crown, they don’t want it.  Everything is poofy and cute and rainbow-riffic in their worlds and that is the way life is supposed to be. 

I should know: my daughter goes through phases of this frequently, and has on previous occasions even brought her crown to bed with her.

She does however, have a dark side to her sweet innocence:  She loves Darth Vader.

S. – Age 4 knows Darth is not the good guy, but I think she feels sorry for him and thinks that he is lonely.  She also has an appreciation for Yoda, but Darth Vader she has up there with Batman and Ironman when it comes to colorful super characters, and Darth is the only one she always blows kisses to at the parade.

Cracks me up!

Anyway, one of our weekend bits of fun was pumpkin decorating, and we were able to put some of that Star Wars fun into it.  Meet Darth Pumpkin!   My daughter was delighted!!

The green you see in the back is actually the Yoda on the other side of the pumpkin so that the forces of good and evil have some inter-gourd balance.

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Dirty Sandy Toddler Toes #iPPP


Twofold sign of a) kiddo having a tremendous lot of fun and b)much-needed mommy-daughter pedi extravaganza. Yikes!!

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About Me…

Me and my Minions…

I am a mommy of two, and a woman of 40 with the attention level of a 3-year-old.  My children are my world and typically, I find them way more interesting than most people.  I am also a shameless braggart when it comes to my minions and am prepping them for great success so that ultimately they may buy me a condo in Boca.  I also write at where I pretend I know anything about balance.

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Amuse me please!

I prayed to the Good Lord for help.  I was bored.  My friends were (ok, are) all  more accomplished than I am, attending fabulous parties and events, my husband frequently abandoned me for the confusing world of hockey, and I live in the suburbs.

And God Gave Me Children.

And there was much rejoicing, and not too many boring minutes since.   I now have two under four, a girl and a boy.  True, I am slightly insane, and there isn’t usually too much interesting about diaper changes (though sometimes there IS)but  I have been blessed with ridiculously adorable kids (who I will pit against anyone else’s kids in a fight) and my Facebook friends are getting a little tired of the barrage of photos and the litany of their accomplishments.

This blog is all about being a mommy, and the crazy things kids do, and how it all makes my (and hopefully yours) world a little more colorful.

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