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My son the superhero

on June 27, 2013

My little boy T. – Age 2 is a super hero. He has the cape and attitude to prove it – but it goes beyond that!

Six months ago T. was not talking at all really. His communication consisted mainly of his pounding on things and getting frustrated; and while not an unhappy kid necessarily also showed more signs of anger than glee.

Two months ago tubes were put into his ears. We had finally found out our little boy wasn’t hearing and that his ears were full of goo, and that chances are some of his struggles were related.

Yesterday he spoke a full sentence: “I have the cow!” It was said with pride and delight. He is saying his name. He is smiling and laughing and has a ridiculous toolkit of facial expressions.

In short, my kid is becoming a ham, but is already leaping tall buildings in my book.

T will hopefully never know the fear that has stalked my heart for over a year or how many terror-filled dreams I have battled. He won’t know his mommy felt helpless and scared and frankly, incompetent…or resentful and scared and angry that she could not figure things out.

Every day as a mother I find my heart stretch a little more. Sometimes, it hurts. But there is nothing in the world that can teach you soul-wrenching love like your children, nor teach you so powerfully that nothing matters more in this world.

I am a mom. I am a human. I am horribly flawed and imperfect. We all are a little bent, really. That’s why we need superheroes.

Mine is just over three feet tall.

He rocks!



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