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Real men are OK with pink..

on August 15, 2012

Because we had not found out what we were having with – well – either of our children but especially with the first, all of the baby stuff was pretty gender-neutral.

So when we got our precious baby girl, and she was old enough for her first baby swing, I pushed for pink. Truthfully, I think, I had figured, coming from a family of predominantly girls, it would not matter: clearly I would also have girls.

Which, of course, didn’t happen. And now that my son is old enough to enjoy such wonderful things, we are too cheap to buy another swing.

So- pink it is!

Luckily, my very macho son, T – Age 14 months, is far too cool to let color stand in the way of utter delight:





6 responses to “Real men are OK with pink..

  1. mamamash says:

    He looks to be enjoying himself!

  2. gfunkified says:

    Oh my gosh, he’s adorable! My youngest son, after our middle two girls, almost exclusively wears pink bibs. He also uses a pink car seat and high chair. Ha! He’s fine with it, and the girls think it’s funny. 😀

    • balancinggal says:

      Thanks – I think he kinda rocks too, but I am supposed to! :). Yeah, I see a whole lot of hand-me-down girlie toys in his future- he already loves the play kitchen!

  3. Kelly says:

    He is a doll!!

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