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Mommy – by S. age 3

on July 9, 2012

This is my daughter’s latest picture of me. Even though she is only three, notice the careful attention to detail: the green of my eyes, the yellow blob in my hair that is my highlight, and the giant smile on my face because she is, in her words, being such a good girl.
I love these pictures – and the bright, sparkling glow of pride that shines through her eyes and illuminates her face.
Most of all, the way she sees me is so much more beautiful and simple than the way I see myself. She doesn’t see my internal nonsense or my insecurities, she just sees a mommy that loves her.
I take with me some of her perspective and it makes facing Monday a lot easier knowing I get to come back home to that kind of love.



3 responses to “Mommy – by S. age 3

  1. kristin says:


  2. Matt says:

    This is precious! Save it forever. I do a comic about stuff little kids say in school – you might be interested: Thanks! -Matt

  3. balancinggal says:

    Thanks Matt! I just did check out your stuff and followed you! K: You’re the bestest. 🙂

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