The Mischief of Minions

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The conversation

on July 6, 2012

Best Friends as drawn by Syd Age 3.5

When you have two kids and one is talking and the other isn’t (I have a 3-year-old with the vocabulary of a high school student and a 1-year-old that speaks in pterodactyl) the dynamic is pretty darn interesting.  It is also horribly loud, and frequently painful requiring ingestion of copious amounts of Advil.  Their conversations go something like this:

Child one:  Heeehehehehehehehe  (loud)

Child two:  HeheheeeeheheeheheHAW (louder)

Child one: Snort….hahahahahahahaha..he!  (louder still)

Chrild two: Hahahah…snort…burp  (louder still and gross)

Child one: “Hey, that’s MY dolly!  ::grab::


Child one: “OK, fine.  YOU have it. Hmmph!”

REPEAT from beginning.


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