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I am a mommy of two, and a woman of 40 with the attention level of a 3-year-old.  My children are my world and typically, I find them way more interesting than most people.  I am also a shameless braggart when it comes to my minions and am prepping them for great success so that ultimately they may buy me a condo in Boca.  I also write at where I pretend I know anything about balance.

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Amuse me please!

I prayed to the Good Lord for help.  I was bored.  My friends were (ok, are) all  more accomplished than I am, attending fabulous parties and events, my husband frequently abandoned me for the confusing world of hockey, and I live in the suburbs.

And God Gave Me Children.

And there was much rejoicing, and not too many boring minutes since.   I now have two under four, a girl and a boy.  True, I am slightly insane, and there isn’t usually too much interesting about diaper changes (though sometimes there IS)but  I have been blessed with ridiculously adorable kids (who I will pit against anyone else’s kids in a fight) and my Facebook friends are getting a little tired of the barrage of photos and the litany of their accomplishments.

This blog is all about being a mommy, and the crazy things kids do, and how it all makes my (and hopefully yours) world a little more colorful.

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